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      1. About Us
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        Dongguan Chenlong Chemical Trade Co., Ltd, formerly the Dongguan Chenlong Plastics Raw Materials Trading Department founded in 1999, is a specialized auxiliary supplier with the most complete variety of tranquilizer for PVC use in Dongguan city. Our company is located in the place in Dongcheng district of Dongguang city where Guanchang road meets Sihuan road. The transportation is very convenient.

        Our company mainly deals in PVC powder, PVC emulsifying powder, various kinds of plasticizers, various kinds of tranquilizers, antioxidant, fire retardant, lubricants, soybean oil(heat resistant oil), thinning agents, florescent bleaching agents, ultraviolet absorber, aerugo-preventing agents, processing auxiliaries, and other special auxiliary, impact modifier, color paste and toner for PVC use, cloudy surface agent, anti-settling agent, fumed silica, color cream, titanium white, carbon black etc .

        Our company can provide first-grade technical service as well as quality products. We have experienced technical advisers on PVC industry and senior exports provide service and recommend best preparations and use level to our clients, helping our clients produce products with shortest time and lowest cost .

        Our company’s main clients are wire, colloidal particle, brand and printing ink enterprises in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Product quality and service are well received by clients. Giving the priority to quality and credit, our company will heartily offer our clients best service to repay clients’ trust and care.

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